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1001 Human Death Wishes Online Exhibition

When colour fades away, truth prevails.

I approach and engage in conversations with people from almost every corner of this planet. Their diversity amazes me and keeps me up for countless nights. This project tries to record 1001 stories from 1001 people with 1001 experiences that I ever have the fortune to come across. If you are interested, feel free to join me on this journey, a journey towards humanity and the only reality that we're all born in.


A Bit About Me

Hai Xiang (中文:海翔)

Singapore resident. Quant Finance and Risk Management professional.

I was born on this planet without any hint of why it should come this way or another, yet I continue to live and appreciate as if everything is the best preparation. But occasionally I feel trapped and bored, so this 1001 Nights project is my window to more possibilities and it enables me to live another person's life while my own becomes more alive.

A Glimpse of How it Works

Capturing Photos
Streets of European Town

What to expect

Diversity may be the best gift bestowed by the Creator, yet it can cause unbelievable confusion when we subject ourselves within it. Be prepared to meet all kinds of people at the nights. They will amaze you in a way or another.

What I use to shoot

Right now I'm holding a Xiaomi 6X on my hand, which is sufficient to take awesome photos in dim lights, especially when I turn on the HDR mode. No sophisticated SLR or canons are needed.

Safety Precaution

It happens when I have to tap into unknown waters to get a fresh touch of where those interesting people dwell in. Sometimes it involves a bit of danger. Basic self-defense skills are advised.

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