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Achieve Digital Minimalism Today

1. Smart devices have become addictive and dangerous. When iPhone and Facebook first created, it did not intend to get all our attention and incorporate so many third-party applications.

2. Less can be more. Bring only things that bring joy and necessary to life.

3. Two economic hallmarks and the wisdom of the Amish

  • Clutter is costly. Factor in the cost/energy/attention you spent on social media, not just time. This could be too costly as a whole.

  • Optimization is important. Borrowing the idea from economics, the law of diminishing returns. You cant keep adding stuffs into your mobile phone, the marginal utility will decrease until it flats, or even becomes negative.

  • Intentionality is satisfying. Evaluate how much actual values the new social media adds on to you before installing it.

4. Undergoing a digital declutter begins with a 30-day break, followed by a critical reintroduction of certain tools. Cutting out Facebook does not mean you disconnect with your friends, it motivates you to realize more meaningful off-line bonds. Cutting off all unnecessary applications and social media, fill the void with your interest and real-life experiences.

"Three questions: (1) Does this application supports the value of my life; (2) is this the best way to support the value; (3) If it has to be kept, how can I maximize the benefits while minimizing the harms."

Like only use Twitter when you are with your friends, or never use it on phone.

5. Practice leaving the phone at home and walking more often. Solitude time is crucial to reflect on thoughts and make better decisions.

6. Browsing through social media can create more loneliness

  • Click likes and leave phrases like “so cool” are not meaningful contact with people.

  • Face-to-face conversation will strengthens relationships.

  • Drop messaging, allocate fixed time on working days to call somebody, so to avoid lengthy texting. Or to promote face-to-face conversations.

7. For more meaningful leisure, embrace strenuous and virtuous hobbies and schedule low-quality activities

  • Digital entertainments are considered low-quality leisure.

  • The more efforts you put into your leisure activity, the more you will be rewarded.

  • Getting physical is a core of high-quality hobby.

8. Downgrading your phone and using single-purpose devices. Attention Economy – attention means more ads and more money.


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