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Bullshits: to Freedom of Speech

1. A free media is critical for democracy, but the US media is far from free. A free media should equip people with knowledge, in order...

How Designers Make Their Works Memorable

1. To understand the world, people use their central and peripheral vision, and look for visual patterns. Since hunting time, we humans...

How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World

1. The dominant economic theory of neoliberalism is bad for society at large. Neoliberalism is a supply-side kind of economy that...

How to Read 100 Books In a Year

1. Get a kindle or other electronic reading device. "Data shows that those read on kindle reads 40% or 50% more books than those who...

Finding Your Productive Mindsets

1. Lengthen your horizon. Instead of focusing what you have to achieve in the next 2 weeks, focusing on what you have to do in the next 2...

Why "Follow Your Heart" Actually Works

1. We underestimate the role of feelings in human development. Feelings like hunger and satisfaction provide important information about...

Achieve Digital Minimalism Today

Rereading course material, drawing mind map, and Highlighting seem to be the "go to" thing when you revise for exams. But they can be wrong.

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