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Bullshits: to Freedom of Speech

1. A free media is critical for democracy, but the US media is far from free. A free media should equip people with knowledge, in order to promote the values of a free society. The US media either station them as Democrats or Republicans, few claiming them to be both.

2. The American media of the past was blatantly political but balanced, and only later attained a fake aura of objectivity. Even since the revolution against the imperial Britain, the media in the States become biased. By the turn of the 20th century, government gained more control and the newspaper becomes more science-based and the myth of an objective press was born. As the government grows stronger, the government establish agencies to promote the ruling party’s policies and propaganda, which are masked as news briefings.

3. The media has been unprecedentedly hostile towards President Trump, and yet he has not placed restrictions on the press.

"Obama administration unprecedentedly spied on journalist and prosecuted them. During Obama administration, stories regarding his presidency occupied between 3% and 5% of airtime on cable news channels. For Trump, the numbers become 13% and 17%."

4. The Democratic Party-Press no longer reports the news, and instead opts to create fake news. Journalists was trying to fill the newspaper with more lively opinions. But when opinions exhaust, they try to fill the gap by producing “pseudo-events”. Speculations, anonymous tips or rumours are stuffed into news reporting.

5. Instead of being the paper of record, the New York Times has acted more like the enemy of the people for decades. Even back in the WW2, New York Times becomes biased by not reporting the suffering of the Jews > only mentioning 6 times during the war.

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