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The Unfair Advantage - Why Some Are More Likely to Succeed

1. Ways to increase your “surface” of success. Living in a world of randomness and chaos, opportunities do not fall on you for nothing. Prayers will not do much good here, but by increasing your "surface" of "receiving" success will. Hence when the free lunch drops, you will have a larger canvas to hold it up. The following actions will increase your canvas size:

  • Take more actions.

  • Do more things.

  • Meet more people.

  • Go to more events.

  • Blog about your startup.

  • Produce things and publish them.

  • Get feedback.

  • Put stuff out into the world.

2. What a well-recognised academic degree can bring you.

  • Degree is merely a piece of paper, which does not bring knowledge to you. You get it from books, not degree.

  • Buy if you graduated from top-tier universities, either globally or locally, there is a higher chance that you will gain access to better connections, which someday will translate into your career boost or benefits you never thought of.

  • Degree can also bring you confidence and social esteem, since the people surrounding will treat you like one, and this will make yourself feel good and get into the loop of benign circle.

3. Focus on your own unfair advantages and make best of it. No man is born equal. Unfair advantages can be your birth family, the city where you resides in, the school you go to, or the friends you know. Make use of the resources you are holding in hand and figuring out how to make value out of it. Not by manipulating the ones around you, but focusing on creating values for you both and achieve win-win situation.


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