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Reiteration of the 7 Habits of Successful People

1. Summary

  • Being proactive

  • Beginning with an end in mind

  • Putting first thing first

  • Thinking win-win

  • Seeking first to understand, then to be understood

  • Synergizing

  • Sharpening the saw

2. For lasting changes, do something on character, not just behaviour. Work from inside out. Your core paradigm should align with universal principle, like kind and integrity, so people are becoming more like you and make yourself easy way out.

3. Be proactive and take control of your own fate. Take things in your own control. Never blame, instead, finding solutions. Focus on your own “Circles of Control” and work on things you are in control, sooner your Circles of Influence will expand.

4. Begin with an end in mind. Becomes realistic and precise of the goal you want. Write a personal mission statement and integrate it into your daily life, use this to decide which are wastes and thus should not waste time on it.

5. Put first things first. Divide into 4 quadrants along the axises of urgent and important.

6. Think win-win. If have win-lose mindset, the 2 people are more likely to end up in lose-lose (the prisoner dilemma). Forming stable relationship with others means investing in emotional bank accounts

7. Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

8. Synergizing by treating others with openness and respect. Know each people’ strength and character in the group.

9. Sharpening the saw if you want to keep sawing


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