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How to Read 100 Books In a Year

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

1. Get a kindle or other electronic reading device.

"Data shows that those read on kindle reads 40% or 50% more books than those who don't."

2. It is okay to not finish a book. Treat books like reading blogs. If it adds pain to you, just drop it and read something else that piques your interest. There is not such sacred thing as reading.

3. It is okay not to read classic. Pick the ones when you need it. Only if you need it, your reading interests will be aligned, and thus you are more likely to finish it with joy.

4. It is okay to skim books. Distinguish between reading for joy and reading for information/education etc. It is okay to skim when purely reading for joy.

5. Build reading into daily routine.

  • Set up a time (time before bed) for reading

  • Set up a certain ambience when you read (change the lights, change your position etc.) to hoax your mind getting into read mode.

  • Read at least 20 mins or half an hour each day.

6. Try audio book.

7. Track and review, keep notes of your highlights

  • Keep a book review habit.


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