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The Exact Reason You Should Find A Secret Self Place

1. Lasting fulfilment can only be found within yourself. When you read, light is falling on the pages, reflecting into your eyes and projecting onto your retina. This book is seen within you, just like every other thin in the outside world, it is inside of you.

2. Human perceptions and emotions are self-generated, so you can guide your experience of life. When somebody yells at you, your body will unconsciously respond with anger, but you have the ability to use conscious and transform that emotions into something else.

3. Most people respond to life events compulsively, but you can choose to respond consciously.

4. Contrary to popular belief, responsibility increases your freedom. Responsibility is the ability to take a step back, consider your options and decide how to best respond to a situation.

5. Enlightenment requires the alignment of body, mind, emotion and energy.

6. The human body is part of the earth and the universe; you are connected with powerful forces. Cosmic events like the movement of stars all affect us. Meteorological changes can be felt within the body.

7. Our intellect prevents us from experiencing life to its fullest.

"Our brain cannot possibly comprehend everything in this cosmos. Admitting that we are insignificant in the world and it is okay not to understand things > we should not rely on intelligence too much."

8. Certain locations are loaded with spiritual energy, and visiting them can kickstart a spiritual journey. Connect your energy with nature and the sacred sites.


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